How it all began

But before we come to “moving-in day” I’d like to go back to the beginning to explain something of the journey that Swee and I went on before we first met Mac.

Growing up in an idyllic Hampshire village in the ‘80s it was easy to think that life would work out in the way you planned.  You would go to school, pass your exams, go to University, get a degree, get a “good” job (whatever that was), get married, buy a house, get a dog and have children.  I don’t apologise for this being an overly simple view of the world.  When I was growing up it was the example that I saw around me, and I knew that’s what I wanted for myself.

And to be fair, life did pretty much follow that path. 

Growing up was carefree.  I remember long summer holidays with warm, balmy evenings stretching out in front of us.  Camping with friends in the garden, taking the opportunity for some illicit alcohol or tobacco.  I remember clear, cold bonfire nights, with huge village bonfires, great fireworks, jacket potatoes burning your hands and cheap hot dogs with onions and tomato sauce.  I remember twinkling candles in church at Christmas time, singing all our favourite carols and looking forward to presents and playing games with the family.  I remember cold, snowy winters, playing snowballs, building snowmen and sledging down hills. I remember acting in village plays – particularly enjoying taking part in the village pantomimes.

Our snowy garden

Even the teenage years were fairly painless.  I was lucky enough to enjoy school, so homework wasn’t a chore.  Exams were a challenge I enjoyed.  A small hiccup at University was soon overcome with a new job and qualifying as an accountant.  My career moved on successfully and I enjoyed what I did.

Then came the house and falling in love with my wonderful wife and acquiring two lovely dogs.  Everything was pretty much as it was supposed to be.  Swee and I had known each other for a long time before we were married, so we felt it was the perfect time to have the children we were both more than ready for, the perfect combination of the best of both of us.

And there came the bump in the road. It turns out that getting pregnant just when you want to is nowhere near as straightforward as you might expect.  Suddenly life seemed to be completely out of our control as month by month went by with no signs of the planned for and expected pregnancy.  Next came IVF and that didn’t work as we had hoped.

By this time we had already been considering adoption.  My mother was adopted, so we had a positive example of well this can work, and as we were older, we were not necessarily looking to adopt a baby – we would be very happy to take an older child or children.

So, we phoned our local adoption agency and started the process.

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