Lockdown reflections – the missing part of Mac’s story

One thing has really hit me during this crisis.  As ever for me it’s not the grand macro events.  I listen to the numbers every day on the TV – and the scientist in me looks for the patterns, trying to understand if we are getting some sort of control of things, trying to seeContinue reading “Lockdown reflections – the missing part of Mac’s story”

Lockdown reflections – lockdown without Mac

So I’m entering my sixth week of working from home, and most of them under lockdown.  I’m one of the lucky ones – one of the ones who can continue to work from home; one of the ones who gets to experience lockdown in a nice home with my wife and two dogs and aContinue reading “Lockdown reflections – lockdown without Mac”

Rollercoasters and testing boundaries!

I saw this description of bringing up teenagers the other day. When you get into a rollercoaster, and the bar is brought down over your head and fixed over your lap, the natural instinct is to push it and try to dislodge it and test it.  Of course, deep down we know that the rollercoasterContinue reading “Rollercoasters and testing boundaries!”

Starting secondary school

Transition to secondary school Transitions and change can be really difficult for adopted children. As so many of them have lacked stability and the basic groundwork that children normally have, it is naturally unsettling when another change is forced upon them. It’s another time when they feel they lack control and they are not sureContinue reading “Starting secondary school”