Tribute to Mac Sutcliffe – Memorial Service 5/11/16

Following my last blog reflecting on memories, I wanted to share the eulogy I wrote and gave at Mac’s memorial. it remains one of my proudest moments. 14 November 2008 our lives changed for good.  A small, quiet, wan 8 year old, Macaully Clark, moved into our house with a few boxes – all hisContinue reading “Tribute to Mac Sutcliffe – Memorial Service 5/11/16”

The Honeymoon (and beyond!!) continued

Working with Social Workers One of the more difficult aspects at the beginning of an adoptive placement is that you still get lots of visits from social workers.  They come to see how things are going and will always talk to you and the child separately – just to make sure things are working out. Continue reading “The Honeymoon (and beyond!!) continued”